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PARISI Ignite Dancefloors with Powerful New Single “Lights Out”

Italian brothers PARISI are rising stars, both behind the scenes and in the spotlight. After crafting hits for superstars like Ed Sheeran, Swedish House Mafia, and Fred again.., they’re stepping fully into their own lane as artists. Their latest single, “Lights Out,” is a testament to their talent for igniting dancefloors.

“Lights Out” isn’t just another club banger. It’s a full-fledged anthem, a sonic odyssey that pulsates with raw energy. The track leans into the harder side of PARISI’s sound, but it’s not one-dimensional. A commanding female vocal adds a layer of soulful depth, proving that PARISI can make music that gets you moving without sacrificing emotional resonance.

This isn’t the first time PARISI have showcased their club-ready sound. Tracks like “Tease” and “Believe in Myself” helped establish their name. But “Lights Out” feels like a culmination, a potent blend of their production prowess and a desire to capture the electrifying energy of their live shows.

Fans who caught the track’s debut at a London show last fall can finally experience the studio version. “Lights Out” arrives just in time for festival season, a perfect addition to any playlist that craves infectious rhythms and a touch of soulful harmony. The single is out now via FFRR Records, so crank it up and prepare to lose yourself in the groove.