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OVERWERK Unveils the Impressive “MORE” EP Accompanied by Breathtaking Visuals for “US” Single

Renowned for his exceptional talent and creative prowess, OVERWERK proves his mastery once again with the release of the MORE EP. This collection of five meticulously crafted dance tracks not only solidifies his standing as a global electronic artist but also positions the EP among the standout releases of the past year. What elevates it even further are the visually striking videos accompanying each track, featuring intricate digital sculptures and captivating visuals.

Today, we shine a spotlight on the visuals accompanying the track “US,” which serves as the catalyst and origin of the entire EP. The sound of this track echoes OVERWERK’s early signature style—a vibrant and propulsive dance anthem. Visually, the track unfolds through a meticulously designed digital representation of OVERWERK and his romantic partner amidst a backdrop of debris. The result is a poignant depiction that enhances the impact of an already compelling record. Experience the synergy by watching the video below, and make sure to explore the entirety of OVERWERK’s remarkable EP.