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Julien Vertigo

Julien Vertigo Takes Listeners on a Sonic Journey with ‘Endless Odyssey’ EP

Swiss maestro Julien Vertigo, a true luminary in the realm of dance music, is back with his latest EP, Endless Odyssey. For aficionados of the genre, Vertigo’s work extends beyond the stereotypical thumping beats, delving into the realms of emotion and energy with his expertly crafted melodic techno productions.

While his love affair with electronic music dates back years, it was in 2018 that Julien Vertigo honed in on melodic techno, channeling his creativity into crafting compositions that exude a distinct vibe and energy uniquely his own. Garnering support from heavyweights in the industry, with tracks featured at events like Zamna Tulum (organized by Tomorrowland) and gracing Tiesto’s revered Club Life podcasts, Vertigo has formed connections with fans and fellow producers alike. His latest offering, Endless Odyssey, stands as a testament to his prowess, presenting a collection of tracks that are both unique and inspiring. Reflecting on the creative process and inspiration behind the EP, Vertigo shares:

“Everything started a few months ago in the kitchen where I was mostly looking for natural percussive samples to firstly give birth to Endless Odyssey which is the main theme of the journey. A delicate and progressive atmosphere constantly evolving to let you warm up the early hours of the night in a brighter way. The second chapter is a more club-oriented one with the rolling sub grooving since the first seconds alongside a warmth and moogish bassline surrounded by kind of ambient synths setting up a subtle euphoria to the melody. That’s how Versatile Mind came along to close this journey which received early great feedbacks from Joris Voorn, Aly & Fila, Nick Warren or Sasha Carassi to name a few.”

Featuring the title track and Versatile Mind, Julien Vertigo once again demonstrates his ability to translate music into more than a mere release of energy. Endless Odyssey serves as a collection of atmospheres, guiding listeners through the depths of the subconscious. Immaculately produced, the EP has already garnered praise from industry luminaries, including Joris Voorn, Aly & Fila, Nick Warren, and Sasha Carassi. Don’t miss out on the extraordinary new release from Julien Vertigo, as he invites you on an Endless Odyssey.