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Sander van Doorn and Robert Falcon Unleash Nostalgia-Infused Hit “Rapture”

Reviving an old classic, Sander van Doorn and Robert Falcon have been causing a stir on the dancefloors with their latest hit, “Rapture.” The track takes inspiration from the early 2000s hit of the same name by iiO, adding a nostalgia factor while revamping it to feel fresh.

There’s no doubt that Sander van Doorn’s productions this year have represented a new resurgence in his career and sound. From On A Roll to Sunshine and L’Annonce Des Couleurs, van Doorn is not stopping any time soon and is back with another remake of an all-time classic, this time with Robert Falcon.

Rapture is a melody to get lost in, capturing the magic of the original while infusing it with van Doorn’s signature sound. The track has already gained support from industry heavyweights like Armin van Buuren, Timmy Trumpet, W&W, and Mike Williams. It has quickly made waves, becoming a spotlight track on Q-Music.

The track is out now via Spinnin’ Records. Stream “Rapture” on Spotify.