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The Chainsmokers Reunite for Darkly Infectious Anthem “Addicted”

The Chainsmokers are back, re-emerging from their post-World War Joy hiatus with a fresh dose of their signature blend of pop and electronica. This time around, they’re joined by rising producer ZERB and vocalist Ink for a track that’s both hauntingly dark and undeniably catchy.

Since “Closer” catapulted them to global superstardom, The Chainsmokers have carved a niche in electronic music by seamlessly fusing heartfelt lyrics with high-energy house production. Their recent releases hint at a subtle shift, with Alex Pall and Drew Taggart exploring a darker edge to their sound while retaining the infectious anthems their fans have come to expect. “Addicted” exemplifies this evolution.

This latest offering follows their 2023 compilation album Summertime Friends. For “Addicted,” the duo joins forces with ZERB, whose profile has skyrocketed since the success of “Mwaki.” A chance Los Angeles studio session sparked the creation of the track, resulting in a darkly infectious soundscape that straddles the line between radio-friendly pop and club banger.

Ink, known for her captivating vocals, delivers a brazen opening line: “Ima hit the club, throw it, throw it, throw it back / When I look this good I just want to be bad.” This sets the tone for the entire song – brimming with confidence and intrigue, the energy practically leaps out of the speakers with each verse, perfectly complementing the pulsating production.pen_spark

“Addicted” marks a new chapter for The Chainsmokers. The track is a departure from their recent, slightly darker offerings, leaning back into the radio-friendly territory that made them household names. However, the subtle darkness still lingers, adding a unique depth to the song.