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Stone Van Brooken Unleashes Energetic Single “Climax” on Lelantus Records

Renowned Belgian/French producer Stone Van Brooken is making waves once again with his latest single, “Climax,” released under the banner of Lelantus Records. Known for his distinct sound that effortlessly captivates electronic music enthusiasts, Van Brooken kicks off the new year with a track that exemplifies his ability to unite audiences and showcase the vibrant essence of his musical creations.

In describing “Climax,” Van Brooken shares his inspiration for the single: “I wanted to create a song that transcribes the most intense, powerful, and energetic moment during my DJ set, using the tension in the builds up that reaches its zenith before resolving, concluding at the drop, like a movie.”

Right from the initial play, “Climax” commands attention with an ominous, tone-setting kick that establishes the mood and energy of the track. The combination of power, energy, and refined technique results in a composition perfectly crafted to fulfill its purpose—impressing listeners and igniting the dancefloor. Stone Van Brooken’s productions exhibit a cinematic ebb and flow, guiding listeners through a sonic journey from beginning to end.

As an artist on a clear upward trajectory, Stone Van Brooken promises to be a notable presence in the electronic music scene in 2024. Stay tuned for more from this rising talent.