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Gryffin Unveils Third Studio Album 'PULSE' - A New Chapter in Dance Music

Gryffin Unveils Third Studio Album ‘PULSE’ – A New Chapter in Dance Music

Renowned producer and guitarist Gryffin is ready to make waves in 2024 with the announcement of his highly anticipated third studio album, PULSE. The chart-topping artist is set to redefine his sound and usher in a fresh era of creativity.

With a release slated for either spring or summer 2024, PULSE represents Gryffin’s return to the core of his love for dance music. In a heartfelt message to his fans, Gryffin shared, “PULSE is a return to why I fell in love with dance music in the first place. This is the most creatively inspired I’ve felt in years.” The upcoming album is not just a musical endeavor but a profound expression of Gryffin’s passion for his craft and a testament to his artistic evolution.

Accompanied by a music teaser, Gryffin’s latest announcement suggests a notable shift in his sonic landscape. Brace yourselves for a more club-oriented, pulsating sound with elevated tempos. This departure from his previous dance-pop style signals a maturation in Gryffin’s musical journey, hinting at a thrilling exploration of new creative dimensions. Collaborating with Dutch dance music icon Armin van Buuren on an unreleased “banger,” Gryffin teases a potential chart-topper, although its inclusion in PULSE remains unconfirmed.

PULSE follows Gryffin’s previous albums, including his debut breakthrough, Gravity (2019), and the subsequent release Alive (2022). The success of Gravity, which claimed the top spot on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Albums chart, set a high standard for Gryffin’s subsequent works. Fans are eagerly anticipating how PULSE will contribute to Gryffin’s musical legacy and mark a defining moment in the artist’s career.