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HoneyLuv Reimagines Jamie Jones & AMEME's "Pliva"

HoneyLuv Reimagines Jamie Jones & AMEME’s “Pliva” with Infectious Energy

HoneyLuv steps up to the plate with a captivating rework of Jamie Jones & AMEME‘s 2022 smash, “Pliva.” Her remix injects a potent dose of euphoria, propelled by swirling synths that weave seamlessly into the original’s foundation.

“Pliva” first captivated audiences in 2022 with its infectious blend of Afro-house and Latin rhythms. It became a global phenomenon, igniting dancefloors worldwide. HoneyLuv’s reimagining breathes new life into the track, extending its reign and adding a fresh layer of energy for contemporary audiences.

This 2024 rendition maintains the core elements of the original – the iconic vocals and the vibrant Afro-house energy. However, HoneyLuv streamlines these elements, transforming it into a club-ready house anthem.

In a bold move, HoneyLuv dials back the powerful bassline that defined the original. Instead, she emphasizes the rhythmic pulse through intricate cymbal work and other percussive elements. This shift creates a distinct sonic experience, showcasing HoneyLuv’s signature sound while staying true to the spirit of the original.

HoneyLuv, a modern house music pioneer who has graced stages across the globe, has once again delivered a masterful production. This remix is guaranteed to set dancefloors ablaze, captivating audiences everywhere.