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Ivy Lab & Seyaa Unleash Dynamic Single and Video “Idols Fall”

Ivy Lab joins forces with vocalist Seyaa in their latest venture, a dynamic single and video titled “Idols Fall,” released under the renowned Critical Music label. This collaboration marks a significant moment as Ivy Lab revisits their drum & bass roots, weaving their signature sound with Seyaa’s captivating vocal prowess.

The release is not just limited to “Idols Fall” but is complemented by another track, ‘Snap 101,’ enhancing the duo’s impressive repertoire. The visual aspect of “Idols Fall” is brought to life through the visionary direction of Jordan Peña and Alex Casillas, creating a compelling video that perfectly encapsulates the energy of the track. The video is a must-watch, offering a visual journey as engaging as the music itself.

‘Ivy Lab & Seyaa share a new single and video, “Idols Fall” marks Ivy Lab’s much-anticipated return to Critical Music. Their last contribution to the label was the track ‘Domo,’ part of the ’20 Years Of Underground Sonics’ compilation, celebrating the two-decade milestone of the influential London drum & bass label. 2022 also saw the release of their album ‘Infinite Falling Ground,’ further solidifying their position in the electronic music landscape.

In related drum & bass news, the EQ50 collective has been actively involved in philanthropic efforts, curating a compilation to support charitable initiatives in Palestine. This move highlights the genre’s community-driven spirit and its artists’ commitment to global issues.

Ivy Lab’s journey, including their establishment of the 20/20 LDN label and the release of their debut album, reflects their continuous evolution and deep-rooted influence in the drum & bass scene. Their conversation in a previous interview offers insights into their artistic process and the milestones in their prolific career.

As ‘Idols Fall’ makes its debut, Ivy Lab and Seyaa invite listeners to dive into a world where electronic beats and lyrical depth converge. This release is not just a track; it’s an experience, showcasing the duo’s unparalleled ability to blend genres and create something truly extraordinary.

Discover the captivating world of Ivy Lab and Seyaa with ‘Idols Fall,’ and immerse yourself in the visual spectacle of their latest video. This release is a testament to the duo’s innovative spirit and their continuing influence in the realm of drum & bass.