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Midnight Pool Party

Midnight Pool Party Ignites the Dance Floor with “BADDIE ERA”

Australian duo Darren Morilla and Oliver Dela Cruz, the masterminds behind the disco/dance-house sensation Midnight Pool Party, have once again set the dance music scene alight. Their latest creation, ‘BADDIE ERA,’ is a disco house anthem that radiates energy and positivity, showcasing their talent for crafting irresistibly catchy dance tracks.

BADDIE ERA” is not just a musical piece; it’s a celebration. It encapsulates the duo’s journey, highlighting their evolution both personally and artistically. With its bright melodies and uplifting vibes, the track is an anthem for self-acknowledgment and the relentless pursuit of goals, no matter the stage in life.

Midnight Pool Party shares, “We’re both in our 30’s now, and we’ve both been through all the trials and tribulations that life brings, such as relationships, identity crisis, career road bumps, personal insecurities, creative blocks, etc. You can hear all of these things in most of our early songs, back when we were more vulnerable and still figuring things out. Fast forward to now, and we are so much more aware of ourselves, not just personally but also creatively. At first listen, lyrically, this song may sound a bit obnoxious, but it’s just a cheeky song celebrating how far we’ve come, that we’re damn proud of who we are as people, and that it’s never too late to kill it in life.!”

“BADDIE ERA” is a testament to Midnight Pool Party’s growth and resilience. It’s a track that not only gets people moving but also resonates with their experiences and struggles, making it more than just a dance number. The song’s vibrant energy and heartfelt message reflect the duo’s journey through various life challenges, from personal insecurities to creative hurdles.

In the landscape of modern dance music, Midnight Pool Party stands out with their ability to blend fun, vibrant beats with meaningful, reflective lyrics. “BADDIE ERA” is a perfect example of this unique blend, offering listeners a chance to dance and reflect on their personal journeys.

As Midnight Pool Party continues to make waves in the dance music world, “BADDIE ERA” cements their place as not just entertainers but as artists who connect with their audience on a deeper level. Their track is a reminder that it’s never too late to achieve greatness and to be proud of the journey that leads there.

Dive into the infectious rhythms and celebratory spirit of Midnight Pool Party’s “BADDIE ERA,” a disco house track that’s as much about grooving on the dance floor as it is about embracing life’s journey with confidence and pride.