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John Summit and Hayla Reunite for Electrifying Dance Anthem, “Shiver”

In a sonic reunion that’s set to ignite dancefloors worldwide, John Summit and Hayla are back with their latest single, “Shiver.”

Following their previous hit “Where You Are,” which garnered widespread acclaim and cemented their status as a dynamic duo, Summit and Hayla have once again joined forces to deliver a track that radiates energy and euphoria.

Released just in time for Valentine’s Day, “Shiver” encapsulates the essence of human connection through its infectious beats and heartfelt lyrics. Hayla’s emotive verses paint a vivid picture of two souls coming together on the dancefloor, finding solace in each other’s presence. Her poetic storytelling resonates with listeners on a deeply personal level, tapping into the universal longing for understanding and companionship.

At the helm of the production, Summit showcases his signature style with pulsating basslines and ethereal synths that transport listeners to a trance-like state. The result is a track that not only moves bodies but also touches hearts, offering a cathartic experience for listeners craving a musical escape.

With “Shiver,” Summit and Hayla prove that lightning can indeed strike twice, delivering a follow-up anthem that’s bound to leave an indelible mark on the dance music landscape. As the duo sets their sights on the festival circuit, “Shiver” is poised to become a standout moment in their electrifying live sets, uniting crowds in a shared moment of pure bliss.

As Summit’s first original single of the year, “Shiver” sets the stage for what promises to be an exciting journey ahead. With anticipation building for his debut album, fans can expect even more electrifying releases from the talented producer in the months to come.

Experience the magic of “Shiver” for yourself and let its infectious energy sweep you away on a euphoric journey.