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John Summit and Of The Trees Teaming Up for a Genre-Bending Collaboration

Excitement buzzes in the music world as John Summit, the house music sensation, and Of The Trees, a rising star in bass music, are set to collaborate. This surprising union was revealed in a post shared by Summit, hinting at a fusion of their distinctive musical styles.

John Summit, a household name in the house music scene, is known for his charismatic presence and influential tracks. On the other hand, Of The Trees has been carving a niche in bass music, marked by a breakout year in 2023, including a successful headlining tour. Their collaboration is set to bridge the gap between these two diverse genres in an unprecedented move.

The genesis of this collaboration can be traced back to a discussion initiated by Summit about the dynamic nature of artists’ setlists. He highlighted how setlists can vary greatly, offering fans new experiences at each show. Of The Trees chimed in, emphasizing his passion for DJing as an art form, stating, “for me it’s never been about constantly showcasing my entire discography at every single show. I’ll play my biggest tunes as much as i can but… I love DJing as an art form on its own and i’ll always play whatever feels right for each show/setting.”

Summit expressed his admiration for Of The Trees’ artistry, particularly mentioning a memorable set at a festival: “i’m still mindblown from ur sunrise shambs set and why ur one of my fav artists and why im making music w u.”

Known for his eclectic collaborations, Summit has previously joined forces with bass music giants like Subtronics, delivering a memorable set at the EDC Las Vegas festival last year. His openness to exploring different genres is evident in his music production.

Additionally, Summit recently shared news about his upcoming debut album. Following the global success of his 2023 hit “Where You Are,” the album is anticipated to feature bass music influences, given Summit’s evident appreciation for the genre.

While neither Summit nor Of The Trees have formally announced a release date for their collaboration, the music community eagerly awaits what promises to be a groundbreaking fusion of house and bass music.