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Logic1000 Unveils New Single “Every Lil” from Her Forthcoming Album Mother

Berlin-based producer and DJ, Samantha Poulter, known professionally as Logic1000, has made a captivating comeback with her latest single “Every Lil,” a prelude to her highly anticipated album Mother. The year 2023 marked a significant phase in Poulter’s life, filled with both personal and professional milestones. After embracing motherhood with the birth of her child, Genie, she embarked on a tour, juggling the roles of a new mother and a DJ. The challenging balance between these two worlds led her to a ten-month hiatus from live performances, focusing on rest and therapy.

Now revitalized, Poulter recently graced the stage at Field Day in Sydney, Australia, signaling her return to the music scene. “Every Lil,” her latest offering, is the third single from her upcoming album Mother. The track is a collaborative effort with DJ Plead and Miami-based producer and vocalist MJ Nebrada. In contrast to the album’s first two singles, “Grown On Me” and “Self To Blame,” “Every Lil” presents a serene, more globally influenced soundscape. Its minimalistic approach beautifully complements Nebrada’s mesmerizing vocals, creating a track that stands out for its simplicity and depth.

“Every Lil” is available for listeners now, offering a taste of the diverse sonic palette expected in Mother, set for release on March 22. With this latest single, Logic1000 continues to demonstrate her versatility and evolution as an artist, promising an album that will surely captivate and enchant her audience.

Experience the soothing tones of “Every Lil” and anticipate the unfolding journey of Mother.