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Subtronics and REZZ Ignite Bass Music Era with “Black Ice”

In a thrilling merger of electronic talents, Subtronics and REZZ have released “Black Ice,” a track that heralds a new era in bass music. This eagerly anticipated collaboration, the first from both artists in 2024, follows their last joint endeavor, “Puzzle Box,” released nearly two years ago. The Canadian powerhouse REZZ and Philadelphia’s electronic maestro Subtronics first captivated audiences with their synergistic energy on “Puzzle Box,” a release through Deadbeats.

Since their initial collaboration, both REZZ and Subtronics have seen their individual music careers flourish, continually pushing the envelope with their innovative sounds. “Black Ice,” teased by REZZ as early as November, marks the beginning of what she calls her “bass music era.” This new chapter in her artistic journey takes flight under her own HypnoVizion record label.

True to its name, “Black Ice” is an enigmatic and powerful track. It encapsulates the essence of its title through its dark, enigmatic soundscapes and an underlying sense of unpredictability. This latest offering from Subtronics and REZZ is a testament to their evolving artistry and their ability to craft compelling, genre-defying music.