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Oliver Heldens and Ian Asher’s Electrifying Take on “Mas Que Nada”

In a stunning fusion of modern beats and classic rhythm, Oliver Heldens and Ian Asher have reinvented Sérgio Mendes‘ Brazilian masterpiece, “Mas Que Nada.” Originally composed by Jorge Ben and popularized by Mendes and Brasil ’66, this track soared to #4 on the U.S. Billboard charts, etching its mark in the annals of Latin American music history. Esteemed by Rolling Stone Brazil as one of the country’s top songs and a proud entrant into the Latin Grammy Hall of Fame in 2013, “Mas Que Nada’ stands as a musical emblem.

The rebirth of this classic tune began with Ian Asher’s viral sound clip in July 2023. Oliver Heldens’ touch transformed the song into a contemporary party anthem, imbuing it with a sense of lightness, freedom, groove, and a hint of nostalgia. Remarkably, this new rendition received the blessing of Sérgio Mendes himself.

Heldens expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I’ve always loved the vocals of the timeless “Mas Que Nada.” Working with Ian was a great experience, and having Sérgio Mendes’ approval is an absolute honor!”

The reimagined version quickly became a social media phenomenon, inspiring over 175,000 user-generated videos since Asher’s initial sound post. Asher, known for his infectious remixes, previously breathed new life into Jain’s “Makeba” with a 2023 TikTok remix, garnering a staggering 50 million streams worldwide. The collaboration between the Dutch maestro and Asher is a standout, characterized by its rich production quality, upbeat tempo, delightful chords, and captivating stutter vocal, securing its status as an irresistible dancefloor hit for future generations.