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Dynamic Collaboration: HI-LO, Green Velvet, and Dajae Deliver “LIFT ME UP”

HI-LO, the bass-driven alter ego of Oliver Heldens, returns with a bang in his latest single, “LIFT ME UP,” marking his third release of the year. This time, Heldens collaborates with esteemed artists Green Velvet and Dajae, crafting a track tailored for the dance floor while offering layers of depth and intrigue.

Fresh off the heels of his recent collaboration with Danny Avila on the melodically infectious “PARADISE,” HI-LO’s latest venture leans into a darker club energy, perfectly timed for his debut performance at Germany’s iconic Bootshaus. “LIFT ME UP” embraces the gritty basslines and intricate production reminiscent of his earlier 2024 single, “GENESIS.”

The track kicks off with a forebodingly filtered synth and percussion, evoking an underground vibe. The haunting refrain of “lift me up” sets the tone before giving way to a melodic interlude that adds depth to the composition. HI-LO, Green Velvet, and Dajae showcase their fearlessness by incorporating unconventional sounds and filters, deviating from the mainstream norms and infusing the track with an unmistakable edge.

As the music progresses, it seamlessly transitions into a bass-heavy anthem, with the vocals interspersed throughout, maintaining the track’s momentum. A standout moment occurs midway as the music momentarily recedes, leaving space for a pulsating lead and accelerated vocals, intensifying the anticipation before reintroducing other elements. While the structure may echo familiar tropes of the electronic music scene, HI-LO injects a unique twist, heightening the suspense and intrigue.

“LIFT ME UP” underscores Oliver Heldens’ commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territories through his HI-LO project. With each release, he continues to demonstrate his prowess and inventive spirit, solidifying his position as a trailblazer in the electronic music landscape.