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Justice Duo Tease Their 2024 Album

Justice Duo, comprising Gaspard Auge and Xavier de Rosnay, has set the electronic music scene abuzz with a tantalizing teaser of their much-awaited 2024 album. As the calendar turned, they greeted their fans with more than just New Year wishes—a 30-second clip revealing a taste of what’s to come.

The French electronic/house music maestros, known for their innovative sounds, stirred excitement with this brief but intriguing snippet. Posted on their social media platforms, the video showcased a VU meter pulsating to the rhythms of an unnamed track, hinting strongly at its inclusion in their upcoming LP. This teaser aligns with several confirmations, including a statement last October from their manager, Busy P, who compared the new album’s significance to their groundbreaking 2007 album “Cross”.

“There will be a new album and a new tour in 2024,” Busy P declared on France Inter, a testament to the duo’s continued evolution and dedication to their craft.

Pedro Winter, aka Busy P, has intertwined his fate with Justice not only as their manager but also as a collaborator since their debut LP, “Cross”. This album, released under Winter’s Ed Banger Records, marked a defining moment in Justice’s career and the electronic music landscape. The anticipation is high that the upcoming album will follow in the footsteps of “Cross” and their last studio album, “Woman”, released eight years prior (note that Gaspard Auge also explored solo territories in the meantime).

The brief audio snippet from the New Year greeting, brimming with energy, seems to echo the electrifying essence of “Cross”. Notably, “Cross” wasn’t just a significant album for Justice; its opening track, “Genesis” gained widespread acclaim, featuring in soundtracks like the blockbuster “John Wick: Chapter 4”. Justice’s 2024 presence is already confirmed at over twenty festivals, including Mainsquare, We Love Green, Cabaret Vert, and Primavera Sound, sharing stages with artists like Peggy Gou.

As the electronic music community eagerly anticipates Justice‘s next chapter, this sneak peek serves as a potent reminder of their musical prowess and the exhilarating journey ahead in 2024.