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Lady Bee and Mila Falls Team Up for "Losing My Mind"

Lady Bee and Mila Falls Team Up for Catchy Collaboration, “Losing My Mind”

In a dynamic studio session during Amsterdam Dance Event, Lady Bee and Mila Falls merged their creative forces to produce the infectious track, “Losing My Mind.” Released under Oliver Heldens‘ OH2 Records, the song is a lively fusion of deep house and dance-pop that perfectly captures the energetic vibe of their collaboration.

This marks Lady Bee’s second release on OH2 Records, following the success of “Mess” in 2019. OH2 Records, known for its emphasis on pop and dance, provides an ideal platform for this genre-blending collaboration. The label has previously showcased music from artists such as Lenno, Party Pupils, CloudNone, and MOGUAI.

“Losing My Mind” kicks off with Mila Falls’ captivating vocals, creating a fascinating ambiance that builds up to a drop featuring classic deep house basslines and subtle keys. The song, which initially started as a UK garage beat, underwent seven iterations to evolve into the dance-pop gem it is today.

Reflecting on the creative process, Falls shared, “I went to Lady Bee’s studio during ADE; we created a track from scratch. I thought of melody and lyric ideas, and we bounced ideas back and forth. We listened to lots of favorite tunes in the session to get in the mood. We were excited to work together and are really happy with what we created.”

The result of this collaboration is a track that not only showcases the chemistry between Lady Bee and Mila Falls but also delivers a fresh and vibrant addition to the electronic dance music scene.