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33 Below Releases Dynamic “PUSHER” EP

New Zealand-born producer 33 Below has unveiled his compelling sophomore EP, PUSHER, showcasing his versatility across six tracks that blend UK garage and pop-infused electronic sounds. The EP, released via TH3RD BRAIN Records, is a testament to 33 Below’s musical diversity and expanding appeal.

The EP kicks off with the single “PROTECTA,” setting the tone with its versatility for both personal enjoyment and energetic dance floors. The project continues with the uptempo groove of “LIVE IT UP” and the emotionally resonant vocals of DRIIA in “LOYAL.” The EP’s closing track, “BLINDED,” stands out with intricate vocal chops, offering a euphoric journey into house music.

PUSHER signifies a significant milestone in 33 Below’s evolving career, demonstrating his commitment to pushing musical boundaries. The EP is available on streaming platforms via TH3RD BRAIN Records.

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