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Daft Punk

Last Year’s Paris Opera House Performance Soundtrack Available Digitally and Soon on 10-LP Set

Thomas Bangalter, co-founder of the iconic Daft Punk, has dropped a brand-new album.

Titled CHIROPTERA MATIERE PREMIERE, the album features tunes composed for the dance spectacle CHIROPTERA, a collaboration with Atelier JR and choreographer Damien Jalet (noted for his work on Thom Yorke’s ANIMA). Showcasing 154 dancers, the Paris Opera House hosted the event in November 2023. Available now is a 12-minute version with a five-minute solo intro, plus the whopping five-hour-and-50-minute full album. A ten-LP set limited to 200 copies will also hit the shelves later this year.

Simultaneously, Bangalter unveiled a Parisian installation named ALETHEIA 19, comprising “nineteen monophonic microgrooves on vinyl playing out of sync,” as the press release describes it.

Earlier, Bangalter released his soundtrack for the Mr Oizo film DAAAAAALÍ.

Don’t miss the CHIROPTERA show clip below. Stream the short version here and dive into the full CHIROPTERA MATIERE PREMIERE experience here.