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Marisha Wallace and Toby Gad Release Original Christmas Single "Little House in the Snow"

Marisha Wallace and Toby Gad Release Original Christmas Single “Little House in the Snow”

Multi-award-winning singer, songwriter, and actor Marisha Wallace, known for her performances in Broadway and the West End, has teamed up with Grammy-winning songwriter Toby Gad to release the original Christmas single “Little House in the Snow.”

The song is inspired by Marisha’s personal story of not being allowed to celebrate Christmas during her upbringing in North Carolina. The single, created in collaboration with Toby Gad, is a heartfelt piano ballad that showcases Marisha’s powerful and soulful voice. The emotional track captures the nostalgia and magic of Christmas, reflecting on the artist’s childhood experiences.

LITTLE HOUSE IN THE SNOW - song and lyrics by Marisha Wallace, Toby Gad |  Spotify

Marisha Wallace, currently starring in Guys & Dolls, has had a remarkable career, including fronting campaigns for Charlotte Tilbury, appearing in a Netflix series alongside Lisa Kudrow, and earning accolades for her contributions to the NHS during the pandemic.

Toby Gad, a Grammy-winning hitmaker known for songs like John Legend‘s “All of Me,” Beyoncé‘s “If I Were A Boy,” and Fergie‘s “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” collaborated with Marisha to create a song that encapsulates the true spirit of the festive season.

In addition to the release of the single, Marisha Wallace and Toby Gad will be performing together at the Royal Symphony Hall in London on December 15th. They will also make an appearance on the hit UK chat show, The Graham Norton Show.

Little House in the Snow” serves as a beautiful addition to the holiday music catalog, offering a poignant and soulful perspective on the meaning of Christmas.

Listen to “Little House In The Snow” here.