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Martin Garrix’s Special DJ Session: Bringing Smiles to Kids Fighting Cancer

In an incredibly touching gesture, Martin Garrix has been named the latest ambassador for the Prinses Máxima Center.

Prinses Máxima holds a special place in the Netherlands as a leading hospital dedicated to children battling cancer. Every year, around 600 kids in the country confront this harsh reality, making the center’s work absolutely crucial in improving survival rates and providing top-notch care for these young fighters.

Martin Garrix has stepped up to the plate, offering his support to further the center’s pioneering research and treatments for childhood cancer. Recently, the Dutch EDM sensation paid a visit to the center, where he hosted a DJ workshop tailored for several young cancer patients, giving them individualized attention and a chance to experience something truly uplifting.

Expressing his admiration for the center’s mission, Garrix shared his excitement about becoming an official ambassador for Prinses Máxima.

“I’m blown away by the incredible work the Princess Máxima Center does for kids battling cancer,” said Garrix. “It breaks my heart knowing that many children worldwide are still losing their lives to this disease. That’s why I’m determined to help in any way I can to support Máxima’s mission of curing every child with cancer and ensuring they have the best possible quality of life. It’s an honor to be part of such a vital organization that’s making such a difference in these kids’ lives.”

“We’re thrilled to have Martin Garrix join us as our newest ambassador,” added Rob Pieters, Chief Medical Officer at Prinses Máxima Center. “His involvement will shine a spotlight on our cause and help us spread awareness globally about the urgent need for better treatments for children with cancer. Together, we can make a real difference and give hope to these brave young souls.”