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MEDUZA Unveils Their Diverse Inspirations with a Double-Sided EP

In a manner befitting their mystical namesake, MEDUZA ‘s latest release is nothing short of enchanting. The Italian trio presents a self-titled EP that provides a unique window into their past, present, and future in the music industry.

MEDUZA’s new EP offers a golden opportunity to acquaint oneself with their captivating sound, one that has resonated from the most exclusive underground dancefloors to the mainstream airwaves. Leading the charge on this double-sided musical journey is a celebration of their hits, a sort of aural victory lap. The EP features tracks like the irresistible “Piece Of Your Heart” and the anthemic “Bad Memories,” serving as a welcomed refresher that adds depth to their extraordinary journey thus far.

On the second disc, MEDUZA delves into their eclectic influences, drawing inspiration from the ’90s rave era, techno, trance, and more. With tracks such as “Obsession,” the trio masterfully blends hypnotic hooks, haunting choral vocals, and primal, techno-infused basslines. “Ecstasy,” another standout track, demonstrates MEDUZA’s innate ability to mesmerize dancefloors worldwide.

Speaking about the EP, the trio expressed their gratitude and pride, saying, “This collection of music is a very proud moment for all three of us, we never expected so much love and support over the last five years, and we are so thankful to all the people we have worked with on our music and all the people around the world that have listened and supported us. This project tells the story and journey from the beginning of MEDUZA to where we are now as artists and a feeling of where we will go in the future. As a group, we are always trying to push house music globally on both the radio, in the clubs, and beyond. We hope that this EP shows everyone both sides of MEDUZA that we love.

The release of this EP follows MEDUZA’s successful closing season performances in Ibiza at and Ushuaïa, where they held their own Our House residency alongside James Hype. In their next act, the trio will be headlining a high-profile performance at London’s Studio 3338 on October 14th.