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Miss Monique’s “Subterranean” Release: A Triumph in Techno and Trance Fusion

Miss Monique, the green haired starlet of the new age of techno, dropped her new track on September 29, 2023. The highly anticipated track ‘Subterranean’ on Armada Music, is her first release on the label. The track, a collaboration with the renowned Canadian DJ and producer AVIRA, also features the vocals of Polish singer LUNA.

An Exciting Collaboration

‘Subterranean’ has been a teaser in the sets of both Miss Monique and AVIRA, building anticipation from Greece to Buenos Aires to New York City, with fans ardently waiting for its release throughout the summer. This track intricately blends the signature melodic styles of both producers, and it is spearheaded by a captivating bassline, anthemic chords, and LUNAs deeply emotive vocals. It explores the thematic elements of a tumultuous romance spiraling into the depths where the paradox of love’s beauty and pain coexist, masked by the superficial layer of daily life.

Miss Monique expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “With AVIRA’s contribution to the production and LUNA’s vocals, I believe we have collectively crafted a record that feels perfectly at home on Armada Music.” AVIRA reciprocated the sentiment, expressing his excitement over the fan response and the track’s release.

Miss Monique: A Force in Electronic Music

Miss Monique, real name Alesia Arkusha, is a trailblazing Ukrainian DJ, producer, and label owner who has enraptured the global electronic music scene with her unparalleled fusion of techno rhythms, trance, and progressive tunes. With her exceptional musical creativity, she has consistently delivered captivating performances, earning recognition from the industry’s legendary figures such as Carl Cox, David Guetta, and Pete Tong. Her extensive discography, including hits like ‘Rush’ and ‘Concorde,’ is a testament to her innovative artistry, with several tracks reigning on Beatport charts.

She is set to perform at various renowned events, from EDC Orlando to Tomorrowland Brasil, enchanting the audience with her sonic tapestries. Despite her bustling schedule, Miss Monique remains committed to supporting her homeland, Ukraine, amid the ongoing conflict, channeling the pain and the emotional tumult into her creative endeavors.

AVIRA is known for his distinctive approach to dance music that skillfully amalgamates left-field melodic techno with compelling dance floor appeal, making him one of the most exhilarating acts in today’s dance music scene. His collaborations with the likes of Armin van Buuren and Chicane and his performances at renowned venues further underscore his prominence in the industry.

LUNA, the Polish vocalist, and songwriter brings her ethereal voice and lyrical prowess to the collaboration. With her debut album ‘Nocne Zmory’ and her inclination towards art, philosophy, and astrology, she infuses depth and a multidimensional aesthetic into her musical contributions.

Miss Monique’s debut on Armada Music with ‘Subterranean’ is a synthesis of passionate artistic expression and innovative musical design, exploring the uncharted territories of love and human connection. With the fusion of unique artistic elements and a profound thematic core, ‘Subterranean’ is set to leave a lasting imprint on the landscape of electronic music.