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Noer the Boy Unveils Genre-Bending 'Mr. Gibbons' EP on HyperVizion

Noer the Boy Unveils Genre-Bending ‘Mr. Gibbons’ EP on HyperVizion

Electronic music producer Noer the Boy, a hidden gem with a history of globetrotting tours and collaborations with industry titans, has further cemented his artistic legacy with the release of the Mr. Gibbons EP on REZZ’s label, HyperVizion.

While Noer the Boy might not be instantly recognizable to every electronic music fan, his resume speaks volumes. He’s built a reputation for crafting captivating soundscapes that have propelled him onto international stages and into the creative spaces of legendary artists like NOISIA, The Glitch Mob, and G Jones. Notably, his production prowess even landed him a collaborative credit on DJ Shadow’s single “Horror Show” featuring Danny Brown. No stranger to esteemed labels like Mass Appeal, VISION, and Subsidia, Noer the Boy now finds himself at home on the bass-heavy imprint championed by REZZ.

Following the release of the electrifying title track, “Mr. Gibbons,” Noer the Boy completes the narrative arc with a full-fledged EP. “Anuthaone” and “Six Six Six” join the original, forming a cohesive exploration of the enigmatic Mr. Gibbons’ character.

“Concept records are my jam,” says Noer the Boy. “Each track on this EP reflects Mr. Gibbons‘ relentless and nonchalant journey. He’s oblivious to his immense potential, driven purely by a desire to explore, move, and experiment. Classical marches are a major source of inspiration for me, and this EP is my attempt to translate those compositional techniques into the realm of electronic bass music. Fusing established art forms with fresh approaches is a creative treasure trove.”

Noer the Boy’s signature dark and atmospheric production style finds a perfect home on REZZ’s label. Dive into the three-track powerhouse that is the Mr. Gibbons EP and experience Noer the Boy’s genre-bending artistry.