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NERO Revs Up for Third Album with Electrifying “Draw Energy”

After a period of relative quiet, the legendary electronic trio NERO is back with a vengeance, unveiling their third single, “Draw Energy,” from their highly anticipated third album. While a release date for the full-length project remains under wraps, “Draw Energy” serves as a potent reminder of NERO’s undeniable talent.

Daniel Stephens, Joe Ray, and Alana Watson, the masterminds behind NERO, skyrocketed to fame in the electronic music scene years ago. Following the critical acclaim of their sophomore album, Between II Worlds, released nearly a decade ago, NERO has taken a meticulous approach to crafting their next chapter. Thankfully, the hiatus hasn’t dulled their creative edge. Their two previously released singles showcased a return to form, living up to the high standards set by their earlier works. Now, with “Draw Energy,” they deliver a haunting vocal performance that evokes the signature style of Alana Watson’s earlier contributions.

The track opens with a heart-pounding rush, building anticipation towards the drop. Watson’s hypnotic refrain, “Don’t stop, take me, breathe, draw energy,” loops over the building tension, creating a captivating soundscape. NERO doesn’t disappoint as they unleash a mechanical sonic journey punctuated by additional vocal snippets.

“The inspiration for this song came from the very first sound you hear in the track,” explains NERO. “It was a piece of machinery we recorded in a car park. We envisioned building something heavy and energetic around it, but with a sense of human and machine in perfect harmony.”

As fans eagerly await a release date for Into the Unknown, the electrifying “Draw Energy” serves as a powerful statement. NERO has reemerged with renewed focus and drive, ready to reclaim their place at the forefront of electronic music.