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The Chainsmokers Keep the Momentum Rolling with No Hard Feelings EP

Following their triumphant return from a hiatus with So Far So Good, The Chainsmokers are proving their commitment to a steady flow of new music. The dynamic duo, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, have wasted no time delivering their second collection of songs in as many years.

Fresh off a string of recent releases that solidified their position as electronic music powerhouses, The Chainsmokers unveil the No Hard Feelings EP. This project compiles their previously released hits “Addicted” and “Friday” alongside fresh offerings that showcase their evolving sound.

Accompanying the EP is a visual feast – a collection of captivating visualizers and a thematic lyric video for the lead single, “No Shade At Pitti.” These visuals maintain the striking mountain aesthetic that has permeated The Chainsmokers’ recent work, creating a cohesive visual experience alongside the music.

Tracks on the No Hard Feelings EP, including “No Shade At Pitti,” “Bad Advice,” “Tennis Court,” and “Green Lights (Demo),” demonstrate a clear thematic flow while highlighting The Chainsmokers’ ongoing exploration of new sonic territories. The lead track, “No Shade At Pitti,” opens with a shimmering lead melody that lays a shimmering foundation for Drew Taggart’s vocals. While retaining the infectious hooks and lyrics that have defined their past successes, the duo manages to subtly evolve their sound, showcasing their production prowess on this captivating single.

Dive into The Chainsmokers’ latest sonic adventure – discover the anthemic offerings of the No Hard Feelings EP!