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PARAMIDA’s Label Celebrates a Decade: Groovy Vibes for the Club Scene

“The Love Theme,” the closing track on Love On The Rocks‘ ten-year anniversary compilation, Sky Is The Limit, perfectly embodies the label’s essence. Influenced by UK rave and early New York house, it combines seductive lyrics with subtle drums and vibrant synth accents. Just as the groove deepens, Alex Kassian and Running Hot introduce a nostalgic touch with the piano from Haddaway‘s “What is Love?”—creating a hands-in-the-air moment. “The Love Theme” strikes a perfect balance of rhythmic energy and emotional depth.

Over the past decade, PARAMIDA‘s label has championed this house style, injecting a sense of playfulness into the often serious world of music enthusiasts her label caters to. Love On The Rocks releases are bold—think expansive Italo beats and progressive melodies—and intellectual, the kind of music Francesco Del Garda (a regular at their events) would vibe with long into the morning.

The rest of Sky Is The Limit seamlessly navigates between these dynamics. Recent releases from the label have explored contemporary trance with intense builds and buoyant basslines, leaning towards the Goa trance style. The album features plenty of gated chord progressions and dynamic basslines, creating a chillout room vibe rather than a forest rave atmosphere. PARAMIDA’s own contribution starts with nearly two minutes of seaside sounds and Café del Mar-inspired chords before evolving into a progressive groove. Dreamphaze’s “Life Cycle” evokes a laid-back atmosphere with its flowing chords and twangy guitar. “Skybus Theme” by Fantastic Man & Tornado Wallace adds a touch of Balearic nostalgia, complete with a sample that conjures a sense of longing. Despite its wiggly bassline, the track teeters on the edge of cinematic melodrama.

Tracks like these (including Massimiliano Pagliara’s Vitamin D-infused offering) are relaxed and effervescent, defining the label’s distinctive sound. Yet, other tracks on the compilation embrace the label’s affinity for peak-time euphoria. Sweely debuts with a robust hip-house track, “Let’s Start,” while Simone de Kunovich’s “Final Destination” exudes playful allure.

Love On The Rocks occupies a unique space in dance music, attracting refined selectors (such as Laurine, Cecilio, and Truly Madly) to its events while releasing everything from emotive trance revivals to politically charged disco reissues. The label remains adjacent to the zeitgeist, eschewing trends while staying relevant. Sky Is The Limit serves as a testament to this ethos, with each track offering subtlety and complexity designed to outlast fleeting social media trends.