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Steve Aoki Breathes New Life into Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue” for 20th Anniversary

In a thrilling fusion of modern dance and pop-punk nostalgia, electronic music powerhouse Steve Aoki has teamed up with Yellowcard to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their iconic hit, “Ocean Avenue.” Originally released in 2003, the pop-punk anthem achieved commercial success, earning Double Platinum status in the US and widespread acclaim around the globe.

Aoki, known for his boundary-pushing collaborations, takes on the challenge of breathing new life into this classic track, maintaining its original essence while infusing his signature style and infectious energy. The result is a vibrant remix that pays homage to the enduring appeal of “Ocean Avenue.”

The collaboration came to fruition after a conversation between Aoki and Yellowcard’s frontman, Ryan Key, who expressed admiration for Aoki’s recent alternative-leaning projects featured on HiROQUEST: Genesis.

Aoki shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “When Ryan initially reached out about this possible collab, I was really excited—especially when I discovered how much he loves electronic music. We combined our different musical styles to create a perfect fusion of alt rock and electronic for this track. Honoring ‘Ocean Avenue’s’ 20th anniversary by blending these sounds was an amazing experience.”

This venture into pop-punk isn’t new for Aoki, who has previously collaborated with artists like blink-182 and Machine Gun Kelly, bringing his electro-punk fusion to their respective sounds.

The remix showcases Aoki’s versatility, with stadium-filling claps, singalong-style vocals, and unexpected shifts in genre, incorporating radiant future bass synths and hard dance-style kicks.

As we celebrate two decades of “Ocean Avenue,” Aoki’s remix serves as a testament to the song’s enduring legacy and the seamless intersection of electronic and pop-punk genres.