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Swedish House Mafia to Take Over Roblox with “DJs World” Interactive Experience

Swedish House Mafia, the iconic electronic music group, is venturing into the metaverse with the announcement of “DJs World: Swedish House Mafia,” an interactive music and gaming experience on the Roblox platform. Breaking away from traditional virtual concerts, this unique experience integrates interactive layers such as digital fashion collectibles, 3D games inspired by the group’s music, and a scavenger hunt.

DJs World: Swedish House Mafia
A screenshot of the “Moth to a Flame” gameplay for Swedish House Mafia’s interactive music experience coming to Roblox.

The focal point of “DJs World” is its interactive gaming features, each designed to synchronize with the “lyrical and emotional content” of Swedish House Mafia’s renowned songs. One of the highlighted experiences is based on their chart-topping collaboration with The Weeknd, “Moth to a Flame.” In this gameplay, users find themselves in a futuristic forest, soaring through the air on a giant moth, collecting hearts for XP.

The official launch of the “DJs World: Swedish House Mafia” gameplay is scheduled for December 1st, 2023, at 6 pm ET (3 pm PT). Fans can expect an immersive experience that goes beyond the typical virtual concert setting, engaging them in interactive and visually captivating elements.