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Four Tet Offers Sneak Peek of Unreleased Skrillex House Track

Renowned electronic music artist Four Tet has teased fans with a glimpse of an unreleased house track by none other than Skrillex. Taking to his Instagram Stories, Four Tet shared the news of completing work on his upcoming album, scheduled for release next year. Amidst posts featuring lineup posters, a surprise video featuring an unreleased ID with Skrillex caught the attention of eagle-eyed fans.

In the brief clip, the track incorporates a sample from Nine Inch Nails’ 1994 song “March of the Pigs,” using the lyric “Doesn’t it make you feel better.” The teaser then evolves into a dynamic house breakdown, showcasing Skrillex’s signature style, along with a prominent sample of the classic “Think break” from Lyn Collins’ 1972 funk track “Think (About It).”

The video has sparked widespread speculation about the potential release date and whether the track is a solo effort by Skrillex or a collaboration with Four Tet.