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The Sound of Tomorrow: 10 DJs and Producers Who Will Shape the Future of Music

Welcome to a showcase of some of the most exciting talents in the electronic music scene. From seasoned veterans to rising stars, each artist brings their own unique style and energy to the table. Get ready to embark on a journey through pulsating beats, electrifying rhythms, and boundary-pushing sounds as we explore the diverse landscape of electronic music.


South African DJ and music producer Themba Mbongeni Nkosi, formerly known as Euphonik, has carved a successful career in the music industry. He rose to prominence playing house music but has since transitioned into incorporating techno influences into his DJ sets and productions.

Nala Brown

A rising star in the Netherlands’ DJ scene, Nala Brown is known for her genre-bending sets and dedication to diversity. She co-founded the all-female collective AMPFEMININE, which champions inclusivity and pushes the boundaries of Dutch nightlife.

Jill Stanley

Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Jill Stanley isn’t your typical artist. She seamlessly blends her passion for electronic music with her successful legal career, working as a trial lawyer, law professor, and legal commentator. This unique background fuels her creativity, allowing her to craft a distinctive sound that captivates audiences worldwide.

Daruis Syrossian

Fueling dance floors for over three decades, Darius Syrossian isn’t a trend follower – he’s a house and techno evangelist. His passion for these genres is infectious, evident in his meticulously curated sets that transcend generations. From the early 90s rave scene to modern clubs, he weaves magic with high-quality records, creating electrifying atmospheres wherever he goes. This dedication spills over into his work as a label curator and radio host, further solidifying his role as a champion of good music in all its forms.

Hannah Laing

Scottish DJ and producer Hannah Laing has carved a name for herself in the high-energy world of trance, techno, and house music. Her impressive skills landed her a nomination for DJ Mag’s Best of Britain award in 2023. Regularly gracing the airwaves of BBC Radio 1, including a coveted two-hour Essential Mix, Laing is a rising star to watch in the electronic music scene.

Hayley Zalassi

Hayley Zalassi has quickly become a standout figure in Scotland’s underground music scene. From her roots in Glasgow to commanding stages worldwide, her dynamic performances and versatile talent as both DJ and vocalist have earned her widespread acclaim. With sold-out shows and an expanding reach, Zalassi’s journey promises even more excitement in the coming year.

Gamuel Sori

Italian DJ and producer Gamuel Sori is making waves in the dance music scene with his unique blend of beats and sounds. His music, released on labels like Spinnin’ Records and Sony, has earned him recognition, including a spot on BBC Radio 1 in 2020. Sori’s commitment, talent, and ability to connect with audiences make him a rising star to watch in the future.

DJ Seinfeld

Armand Jakobsson, known as DJ Seinfeld, Rimbaudian, and Birds of Sweden, is a versatile artist whose music spans emotive cuts and dancefloor workouts. His releases on labels like Meda Fury and Ectotherm showcase his diverse production skills. Armand’s quest for authenticity defines his musical approach, starting his journey in Edinburgh before creating DJ Seinfeld in Malmo. His tracks gained attention online, leading to recognition from labels like Lobster Theremin and Meda Fury.

Nasser Baker

Nasser Baker‘s ascent in the music scene under the mentorship of Objektivity’s Dennis Ferrer is undeniable. With a mature approach to production and a fearless attitude towards vocals, Baker consistently delivers quality tracks that resonate with audiences. From his debut EP ‘Salutations’ to recent releases like ‘Funky Uncle’ and ‘Whisper’ remix, Baker’s sound continues to evolve, captivating listeners with infectious beats and innovative arrangements. As he prepares to unveil his latest creations and eagerly awaits the return to live performances, Baker’s trajectory as a rising talent in the industry seems unstoppable.

Todd Edwards

Todd Edwards, born Todd Edward Imperatrice is a renowned American garage house record producer, DJ, and singer hailing from Bloomfield, New Jersey. Edwards’ innovative contributions to the UK garage scene, particularly with his pioneering of the speed garage genre, have left an indelible mark on the music industry. His distinctive style, characterized by rhythmic vocal samples and intricate remixing techniques, has earned him widespread acclaim and collaborations with artists such as Daft Punk. Despite his success, Edwards remains humble, continually pushing boundaries in electronic music while staying true to his roots.

Zach Witness

Zach Witness draws from a diverse range of influences, blending dance, punk, and electronic music. His journey began with drumming in punk bands and DJing, eventually leading to producing. A pivotal moment came with producing an album for Erykah Badu, followed by collaborations with André 3000, Frank Ocean, and Nile Rodgers. Encouraged by these experiences, he now crafts his own records in the tradition of Prince, showcasing his unique voice and musical versatility.

And there you have it, a glimpse into the world of electronic music through the lens of these exceptional artists. Whether you’re drawn to the hypnotic melodies of trance, the thumping basslines of techno, or the infectious grooves of house music, there’s something here for everyone. Keep your ears open for these names because they’re undoubtedly shaping the future of electronic music.