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warner case

warner case Unveils Dynamic “here and now” EP, Setting a New Standard for Genreless Dance Music

Buffalo-born polymath warner case is not just a producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and classically-trained percussionist; he is also the visionary founder behind Top Right Records, a burgeoning label committed to preserving artistic creativity and musical freedom. After months of anticipation and teasers, warner case has pulled back the curtain on the label’s inaugural EP, titled here and now.

here and now is a sonic journey that seamlessly blends energy, depth, and sensuality. The titular track, serving as the EP’s climactic conclusion, spans a captivating 5 minutes, enveloping listeners in a smooth ride of deep house accompanied by alluring monotone vocals. The lead track, been here before, features the enchanting vocals of Dylan Yem and incorporates sultry horns, adding a whimsical touch to the compilation. Meanwhile, in the zone and it feels real emerge as the undisputed dancefloor anthems of the EP.

Reflecting on the project, warner case shares, “It represents the label’s ethos: these are songs that resonate with me, tracks I’ve always loved but couldn’t find the right way to release until I founded my own label. The creative freedom I felt while assembling this EP fueled my drive to make TRR a haven for quality, genreless dance music—whether it garners a billion streams or none. Here, artists own their masters and are encouraged to create without boundaries.”

To bring the EP to life, warner case is gearing up for an immersive tour, appropriately titled here and now, which will sweep across North America next month. The tour promises to deliver an unforgettable experience with stops in prominent cities such as Los Angeles, Denver, and even extending to Guadalajara, Mexico. For a comprehensive list of tour dates, eager fans can refer to the schedule available online.

As listeners dive into the rich soundscape of here and now, warner case invites them to explore the intersection of his diverse musical talents. The EP not only sets a new standard for genreless dance music but also establishes Top Right Records as a pioneering force in the industry. As warner case embarks on this immersive musical journey, audiences are in for an electrifying experience that transcends conventional boundaries. Stream here and now now, and stay tuned for the upcoming tour that promises to bring the EP’s magic to life on stages across North America.