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Becky Hill and Sonny Fodera Join Forces for Uplifting Dance Anthem “Never Be Alone”

In a dazzling collaboration, dance music luminaries Becky Hill and Sonny Fodera have unveiled their latest single, “Never Be Alone.” This dancefloor anthem is poised to set both stages and hearts ablaze with its infectious energy and poignant message.

“Never Be Alone” is a compelling fusion of Becky Hill’s dynamic vocals and Sonny Fodera’s masterful production. The track features a potent combination of Hill’s dancefloor-diva prowess and Fodera’s signature infectious beats. With heavyweight dub bass, pounding rhythms, and luminous synths that crescendo into an exhilarating drop, the song is a testament to the duo’s musical prowess.

The genesis of “Never Be Alone” lies in a time of isolation and despair, born during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Becky Hill, deeply affected by the lockdown’s impact on the events industry and witnessing her partner navigate its challenges, found inspiration in the darkness. “I saw him spiraling down, and I felt so helpless,” she reflects. “But through that darkness, we also found hope and strength in each other. ‘Never Be Alone’ is about holding onto that hope, even when things are tough.”

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Morocco’s mountains, the music video for “Never Be Alone” amplifies the emotional depth of the track. Hill’s solo performance in the expansive landscape, accompanied by the setting sun and emerging stars, creates a visually striking experience that lingers long after the video concludes.

Sonny Fodera, known for crafting powerful dance music, brings his infectious house beats and emotional resonance to “Never Be Alone.” The Australian-born, London-based DJ and producer, with collaborations featuring Tiësto, Diplo, and MK, has established himself as a force in the industry. His ability to evoke emotion on the dance floor is evident in every beat.

Becky Hill, riding high on the success of two BRIT Awards wins for Best Dance Act and her latest album, Only Honest On The Weekend, is currently making waves on tour in Australia and New Zealand. Her chart-topping hits continue to resonate, setting the stage for her European tour in April.

“Never Be Alone” emerges as a powerful anthem of hope and resilience. It serves as a poignant reminder that, even in the darkest of times, we are not alone. With Becky Hill’s soaring vocals and Sonny Fodera’s masterful production, the track is destined to become a dancefloor sensation, uniting audiences with its uplifting spirit.