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SweetNSour’s Artists to Watch in 2024

It’s always thrilling to look forward to the artists set to make a significant impact in 2024. Here are the top 5 artists, in alphabetical order, poised to make waves in 2024.


Hailing from Harlem, AQUTIE, a South African-Guinean DJ, has been turning heads with her vibrant amapiano beats. Raised amid diverse musical influences, she skillfully blends Afro house, AfroTech, gqom, amapiano, reggae, hip hop, dancehall, and soca, creating an exuberant musical tapestry. With notable performances in Toronto and Brooklyn Mirage, and mixes for HalfmoonBK and onetwo.fm, AQUTIE’s star is on the rise. Her dynamic style resonates with the ongoing global love affair with amapiano, positioning her as a name to watch closely in 2024.


A mainstay in Los Angeles’ burgeoning house scene, Colored Craig has been charming audiences with a unique blend of house and disco. Drawing inspiration from their work as choreographers, Craig’s sets are a testament to movement and rhythm. Their collaborations with notable artists and appearances on platforms like NTS and RA have cemented their status as a rising star. Colored Craig is set to transition from “LA’s best kept secret” to a widely recognized talent.


is rapidly ascending the ranks of UK rap. Growing up in a Caribbean household in South London, her music is influenced by a spectrum from Buju Banton to Stormzy. Her breakout hit ‘Bong Bing’ and debut EP ‘What It’s Like To Be Young’ showcased her potent mix of hard-hitting bars and raw drill beats. Cristale’s involvement in GRM’s Daily Duppy and Mixtape Madness’ Plugged In series, along with her acting debut in ‘Top Boy’, have broadened her appeal. With new music and screen roles lined up for 2024, Cristale is poised to become a prominent figure in the UK rap scene.


The enigmatic Esteban Desigual, a Paris-based DJ known for his fizzling kick drums and masked, blue-faced persona, has captured the imagination of the dance music world. With a backstory set in the cosmos and a sound that intricately blends disco, techno, and psytrance, Esteban’s recent releases like ‘Vaisseau Magique’ EP and remixes for Boiler Room and Technopol have cemented his reputation. His space-age rave aesthetic and otherworldly persona suggest that Esteban Desigual is on a trajectory to galactic superstardom.


1Morning is redefining the legacy of US techno with a sound that echoes the genre’s industrial Midwest roots, infused with his personal flair. Known for his rugged, driving productions and vinyl sets, 1Morning has a knack for maintaining the soul and swagger of techno. With recent EPs and plans for a European tour, his momentum is rapidly building. 1Morning is a name that techno aficionados will be hearing much more of in the upcoming year.

As these artists continue to push the boundaries of their respective genres, they not only showcase their immense talent but also represent the evolving landscape of global music. 2024 promises to be a year of exciting developments and breakthrough performances, with these four artists leading the charge.