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What So Not and Daktyl

What So Not and Daktyl Create Hypnotic Dreamscape with New Release “Fever”

In the world of electronic music, few artists possess the skill to craft dreamlike soundscapes that blend seamlessly with electrifying euphoria. However, What So Not and Daktyl have managed to do just that in their latest release, “Fever.” Collaboration with Monstercat this indietronica meets drum & bass track is nothing short of hypnotic.

Fever” boasts sublime synths and airy keys that make it a serotonin-inducing auditory experience. What So Not sets the stage by strumming a kalimba before delivering a haunting verse, while Daktyl takes the reins for the pre-chorus, singing about the visceral power of music to shape our lives. The accompanying performance video exudes passion and dedication, mirroring the artists’ addiction to creating music.

Daktyl shared his insights on the track: “Personally, the lyrics to me are about dedication. Feverish passion, commitment, and purpose… For both Chris [What So Not] and I, we have found that through music. It is how we give shape to the world around us. Conversely, making music is absolutely an addiction. I cannot, and never want to, stop. Everyone is chasing this feeling that is within all of us, but it can come in many forms, such as raising a family or teaching. It can, of course, take a darker shape, but it is important to try to bend it to the light, whatever that means to you.”

The track is now available on streaming platforms, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its entrancing sounds.