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Ahadadream and Skrillex Finally Unleash Long-Awaited Collaboration “TAKA” Featuring Priya Ragu

The wait is over for fans of both Ahadadream and Skrillex. After years of anticipation, their explosive collaboration “TAKA” featuring Priya Ragu has arrived.

“TAKA” is one of many coveted IDs from Skrillex’s vault, and for the rising producer Ahadadream, working with the dubstep legend was a dream come true. Their initial connection happened in London, but the pandemic forced them to collaborate virtually via Zoom. The track finally coalesced when they brought in the infectious vocals of Priya Ragu.

The song wasn’t just a studio project – it was already igniting dancefloors. For over a year, tastemakers like Four Tet and Chris Lake had been dropping “TAKA” in their sets, further amplifying the hype.

“It had started building in the clubs thanks to Chris Lake and Four Tet already,” explains Ahadadream, “and then it went viral on my Boiler Room set.”

“TAKA” is a unique sonic blend. Ahadadream’s Pakistani heritage infuses the track with distinct cultural flavors, which seamlessly mesh with the London soundscape he inhabits. Skrillex, renowned for his knack for infectious melodies and genre-bending rhythms, further refines the production. Priya Ragu’s vocals are the final touch, chopped and layered by the producers to create a truly earth-shattering drop.

“TAKA” by Ahadadream and Skrillex featuring Priya Ragu is finally here. Stream it below and experience the musical culmination of this global production team.