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Anne Wichmann She’s Excited! with the ‘Moments of Sonder'

Anne Wichmann’s She’s Excited! Returns with the Enigmatic ‘Moments of Sonder’

Anne Wichmann, known for her multifaceted She’s Excited! project, recently made a triumphant return to her electronica roots with the release of her latest album, Moments of Sonder. Following a departure into garage rock alongside her brother Volker, Wichmann revisits her signature darkwave electronica sound, presenting a profound exploration of human emotions and interconnectedness.

After the rock-infused project, SuperWAV, Anne Wichmann seamlessly transitions back to the atmospheric realm of She’s Excited! with Moments of Sonder. Departing from the dissonant tones of her previous album, Shock Therapy, this latest offering delves into softer, more esoteric themes while maintaining the core essence of darkwave electronica.The album revolves around the concept of “sonder”, encapsulating the realization that every individual leads a life as intricate as one’s own. Wichmann invites listeners on a journey through urban landscapes, urging them to contemplate the lives behind the countless windows of skyscrapers and immerse themselves in the stories shared by diverse individuals encountered along the way. Moments of Sonder boasts a collaborative approach, with nearly every track featuring guest artists who contribute their unique perspectives to the overarching theme. From the emotive opener, “Celebrity Parade”, where Wichmann introduces various artists’ viewpoints, to tracks like “All I Need” with trap artist Komputer and “Alone Together” with Joana Brabo, each composition offers a distinct sonic experience reflective of the world it represents.This collaborative effort allows for a diverse range of sounds and styles, spanning from melodic trap to spooky spoken word over experimental loops. Each track serves as a vignette into the multifaceted nature of human existence, emphasizing the interconnectedness of individuals and the richness of their experiences.With ‘Moments of Sonder’, Anne Wichmann presents a complex yet accessible exploration of human consciousness. Through the lens of “sonder”, listeners are encouraged to embrace diverse perspectives and deepen their understanding of the interconnected tapestry of life. As an artist known for her intricate musical offerings, Wichmann delivers an album that resonates with depth and introspection, inviting listeners to embark on a transformative sonic journey.Experience the profound depths of ‘Moments of Sonder’ on Spotify, available now.