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AVAION & BUNT. Drop Debut Collaboration “Other Side on Sony Music

Germany’s electronic powerhouses, AVAION and BUNT., have joined forces for their debut collaboration, releasing the club-ready single titled Other Side.” This dynamic track, born out of their creative chemistry, is now available on Sony Music.

The collaboration between AVAION and BUNT. gained attention earlier this summer when a video of their back-to-back DJ set in a local convenience store in Hamburg went viral, accumulating over 1.6 million views. The overwhelming demand from fans set the stage for their studio collaboration.

Other Side” seamlessly blends AVAION’s intricate electro-acoustic soundscapes with BUNT.’s vibrant, melody-focused arrangements. The result is a melodramatic kaleidoscope of warped synth textures, smooth melodies, and deeply atmospheric lo-fi beats. AVAION’s vocal harmonies lead to a euphoric climax before transitioning into a subdued stutter house break—a signature move by BUNT. The track, carried by a pulsating kick, etches itself into the temporal lobe.

EDM Cave - AVAION & BUNT. fuse sonics on debut collaboration 'Other Side' –  out now!

AVAION, known for his authenticity and electro-acoustic soundscapes, has seen success with his multi-platinum hit “Pieces,” nearing 150 million Spotify streams. His upcoming debut album in 2024 follows a busy year of performances at top festivals and clubs.

BUNT., recognized for vibrant and melody-focused arrangements, recently saw his single “Clouds” featuring Nate Traveller debut at #15 on Billboard’s Hot Electronic/Dance chart. This success led to a North America and Europe Clouds tour. Notably, BUNT. teased a collaboration with Ellie Goulding, stemming from his popular single “Lose It All (I Don’t Wanna)” performed initially by Sam Tompkins.

“Other Side” stands as a collaborative masterpiece from AVAION and BUNT., showcasing their unique styles and musical innovation.

Listen to “Other Side” here: