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Bhaskar & Weekend Heroes Craft Stellar Beats In “Stars In Your Eyes” (feat. Brave Culture)

A new gem is set to sparkle with the drop of “Stars In Your Eyes,” a collaborative effort by Bhaskar and Weekend Heroes, featuring Brave Culture. Released via CONTROVERSIA, this track promises to be a melodic techno delight that will captivate audiences and dance floors alike. 

Bhaskar’s musical journey is an inspiring tale of passion and talent. He dove into the world of beats and rhythms with his twin brother Alok at the tender age of 12, initially as a playful hobby, evolving into a serious pursuit. Raised in the vibrant atmosphere crafted by his parents, the esteemed DJs Swarup and Ekanta, he was no stranger to the allure of electronic music. 

His breakout moments include the sensational hit “Feeling so High” with Sevenn, which became the anthem of Tomorrowland Brasil, and the fiery track “Fuego” produced with Alok, which amassed over 157 million streams on Spotify. His achievements are not limited to the DJ booth; Bhaskar is also known for his role in producing the celebrated Universo Paralello festival.

Weekend Heroes, comprising the seasoned duo of Felix Nagorsky, also known as Timelock, and Eli Baltsan, DJ Zombi, bring a wealth of experience to this union. Their career began in 2009, with the vision of crafting sounds that resonate with a wide audience yet remain distinctive. They have successfully blended progressive house and melodic techno, creating a signature style that has taken them around the globe. 

With electrifying live acts that have energized crowds of up to 10,000 clubbers, Weekend Heroes have established themselves as prolific figures in the electronic scene. Their work includes a plethora of EPs, remixes, and collaborations, with their Anjunabeats release reigning at the top of Beatport’s Progressive House Chart for three months, crowning them as the best-selling Anjunabeats artists of 2022.

“Stars In Your Eyes” stands on the shoulders of these remarkable achievements. It’s an amalgamation of two powerful forces in the electronic music scene. Bhaskar‘s innovative approach and Weekend Heroes’ seasoned mastery set to converge in this single, creating an auditory experience that is expected to connect deeply with fans and new listeners alike.

The synergy between Bhaskar’s fresh and unconventional flair and the dynamic and established sound of Weekend Heroes is poised to make “Stars In Your Eyes” a pulsating and memorable addition to the techno landscape. The anthem represents the evolution of electronic music, where cultural boundaries blur, and artists come together to create something transcendent. It is a moment in time where the stars align, both literally and metaphorically, for Bhaskar and Weekend Heroes. The potential chart-topper is for all those souls seeking rhythm, melody, and a connection that only music can forge. 

As Bhaskar and Weekend Heroes unveil their new hit, the electronic music community holds its breath, ready to embrace a new banger that promises to shine brightly in the vast constellation of contemporary music. “Stars In Your Eyes” is a beacon for the future of techno, illuminating the path for the next generation of electronic aficionados.

Listen to “Stars In Your Eyes” below: