Charli XCX Crawls Out Of A Grave In A Leather Bikini To Sing "Good Ones" On 'Fallon': Watch

For the last few years, Charli XCX has been making sped-up, twisted mutations of pop music. Last month, Charli XCX released the new standalone single “Good Ones.” She recorded the track with Max Martin associate Oscar Holter, and this one sounded less like theoretical futuristic pop music and more like actual right-now pop music — a clubby thump that never spins off into disorienting giddiness. Last night, Charli was on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show to perform “Good Ones,” and she gave it a straight-up pop-star performance, albeit a very silly one.

On Fallon, Charli and her band played “Good Ones” on a Halloween-season set — a fake graveyard, complete with a tombstone for Charli herself and a whole lot of black ice. Charli started off the performance by crawling out of her own tomb while wearing a leather bikini — the implication being, I guess, that Charli was buried in that leather bikini? Given everything we know about Charli XCX, this honestly doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

It’s hard to top an entrance like that, but Charli definitely did her best to give “Good Ones” the theatrically sexy drama-club interpretation that the song deserves. Perhaps the best thing about Charli XCX is that even her down-the-middle centrist-pop moves are totally ridiculous. Behold this one for yourself below.


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