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Check Out Kaskade, John Summit, and Julia Church’s New Dance Anthem ‘Resonate’

Kaskade and John Summit have teamed up to release their new single “Resonate“, featuring the compelling vocals of Julia Church. This track brings together the talents of both producers to create a blend of techno and dancefloor energy.

John Summit, though newer to the scene compared to Kaskade, has quickly made a name for himself in electronic dance music. Both producers are known for their skill in creating emotional, vocal-driven festival anthems, and “Resonate” is a solid addition to their repertoires. The track explores the need for human connection, combining techno elements with genuine emotion.

The production on “Resonate” is a mix of atmospheric and hard-hitting dance music. The track features deep basslines and strong kick drums, creating an immersive experience. Despite its intensity, there is a strong sense of intimacy in the lyrics, delivered with finesse by Julia Church. Her voice adds depth to the track, particularly with lines like “Feel like I’ve been with you from the start,” capturing a sense of connection.

Julia Church‘s performance on “Resonate” is notable. She is becoming a prominent vocalist in the dance music scene, and her ability to complement the pulsing basslines of Kaskade and Summit adds a unique element to the track. Her lyrics evoke a desire to share perspectives and be present in the moment: “I want to see it through your eyes / The moon, the stars and the sky / Slowly letting go of time.”

“Resonate” has already shown its strength on the dancefloor, having been tested during John Summit‘s Coachella 2024 set. The track was well-received, building anticipation for its release. This single precedes Summit’s debut album, “Comfort In Chaos,” set to release on July 12th. Summit describes the album as his “most vulnerable work,” promising a deep exploration of his music.

The collaboration between Kaskade, John Summit, and Julia Church on “Resonate” highlights how dance music can explore deeper emotional themes. The track’s techno pulse is both engaging and suited for the dancefloor, making it a notable release in electronic music.

Overall, “Resonate” showcases the combined talents of Kaskade, John Summit, and Julia Church. It blends atmospheric techno with raw emotion, delivering a track that is both powerful and intimate. As the release of Summit’s debut album approaches, “Resonate” provides a preview of the quality and depth to expect. This track is set to make a significant impact on the dance music scene, reaffirming the artists’ positions at the forefront of the genre.