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Close To Monday

Close To Monday Teams Up with Slevin for a Captivating “Religion” Remix

Close To Monday, a European duo celebrated for their synth-pop sound, has collaborated with Slevin to produce an enthralling remix of their song “Religion.” The duo, known for their parallels with acts like Boy Harsher and CHVRCHES, has distinguished themselves with a unique sound that has seen them ascend to top chart positions in the Netherlands and garner international recognition for their visually compelling music videos.

In this latest venture, the hypnotic vocal performance of Close To Monday is set against a backdrop of melodic house and techno, reimagined by DJ Slevin. This remix delves into the depths of these genres, blending elements of darkwave, house, and techno to showcase its versatility. It stands out as a dynamic creation, eschewing the boundaries of conventional genres.

Slevin’s interpretation of “Religion” highlights the adaptability of Close To Monday’s original work, offering a fresh and invigorating take on their already captivating style. This remix emerges not just as a reinterpretation but as an art piece in its own right, bringing a new dimension to the duo’s discography.

Fans of Close To Monday can look forward to more exciting developments, as the duo has promised new music releases every month. For now, the “Religion” remix by Slevin offers a taste of the innovative and boundary-pushing music that defines both artists’ styles.

Listeners can immerse themselves in this hypnotic and melodic journey by enjoying the remix below.