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Cody Chase Elevates the Mainstage with “High As F*ck”

Emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music arena, Cody Chase unveils his latest dynamic production, “High As F*ck.” This Mainstage single, set to captivate audiences via Blanco y Negro, epitomizes the Producer and DJ’s signature style that’s garnering global acclaim. With a sound that’s as compelling as it is distinctive, Chase is swiftly ascending towards becoming a prominent figure in the electronic music landscape.

Cody Chase’s journey in the electronic music world is fueled by an unrelenting passion and steadfast determination. As he rapidly becomes a significant player in the scene, his endeavors span from producing powerful music to hosting electrifying live performances and curating his weekly radio show “The Chase.” His label, Chasin Records, is also a platform for showcasing emerging talents. Known for his unique fusion of Techno and House, Chase’s innate talent lies in his ability to create intricate soundscapes that captivate his audience with raw and immersive energy.

“High As F*ck” is a testament to Chase’s artistry, featuring a blend of pounding beats, glowing synths, and rhythmic elements that create a hypnotic experience. The track’s spoken vocal samples, combined with a bold bassline and catchy melodic lead, inject the mix with an infectious energy that’s both intense and gritty. As the soundscape builds, electrifying details layer into the mix, ensuring the listener remains energized and enthralled.

This latest release from Cody Chase is set to be a favorite among fans, characterizing a groove and dynamism that resonates with Techno enthusiasts worldwide. With each new production, Chase continues to push the boundaries of creativity, constantly elevating his sound to new heights of excitement.

As Cody Chase continues to innovate and captivate within the electronic music sphere, he’s an artist that genre enthusiasts should keenly watch. “High As F*ck” is now available via Blanco y Negro and can be streamed and downloaded across various platforms. Don’t miss out on this thrilling new release from one of the most exciting names in electronic music today.

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