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SLANDER and RIOT Drop New Track “High Voltage”

After 50,000 fans at their Los Angeles Convention Center performance, electronic music duo SLANDER, alongside RIOT, has released their pulsating new track “High Voltage.” This release comes as a part of SLANDER‘s thrilling “Chimera” tour, a 17-stop extravaganza traversing key North American venues including Red Rocks, Tacoma Dome, and the Brooklyn Mirage.

High Voltage” marks a significant reunion for SLANDER and RIOT, their first collaborative effort since the acclaimed 2017 track “You Don’t Even Know Me.” This latest joint venture is a testament to the seamless fusion of their distinctive musical styles. The track begins with the ethereal tones of future bass before catapulting into a high-octane dubstep crescendo, crafting an audio experience that’s as dynamic as it is memorable.

This electrifying track is poised to resonate with fans of both SLANDER and RIOT, offering a fresh yet familiar sound that encapsulates the essence of their previous collaboration while pushing into new sonic territories.

Listen to the thunderous energy of “High Voltage” below