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Crystal Skies and HALIENE

Crystal Skies and HALIENE Create Sonic Brilliance with Anthemic Collaboration, “Stardust”

In a grand finale to 2023, Crystal Skies and HALIENE join forces for a monumental collaboration titled “Stardust,” released through Lost In Dreams. This anthem marks a powerful convergence of Crystal Skies’ signature production prowess and HALIENE’s unmistakable vocals, resulting in an instant highlight for both artists.

Clocking in at just under five minutes, “Stardust” unfolds with a deliberate build-up to its first drop, a soaring masterpiece of progressive house. Crystal Skies, known for their dynamic basslines, takes a momentary departure in the break, introducing a melodic bass climax that resonates with an emotional punch, harmonizing seamlessly with HALIENE’s commanding vocals.

The duo of Crystal Skies has enjoyed a stellar 2023, building on the success of their debut album, “Not Since When,” released last year. Kicking off the year with a remix of HALIENE’s “Reach Across the Universe,” they continued to collaborate with renowned artists such as Au5, Amidy, and RUNN, establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the EDM scene. Simultaneously, HALIENE has been on a prolific journey, releasing her debut album and delivering a multitude of tracks and remixes throughout the year.

Stardust” encapsulates the artistic synergy between Crystal Skies and HALIENE, offering a sonic journey that seamlessly blends their individual styles into a cohesive masterpiece. The track is now available on various streaming platforms, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the celestial soundscape created by these two electronic music virtuosos.