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Hardwell and Shortround Unleash Thrilling Mainstage Techno Anthem “Goes Like This.”

Hardwell and Shortround unleash thrilling mainstage techno anthem “Goes Like This.”

Dutch electronic music icon Hardwell once again takes center stage in the mainstage techno realm with his latest single, “Goes Like This,” a collaborative effort with ShortRound. This track adds another impactful entry to Hardwell’s evolving and intricate discography, following recent successful collaborations such as “HUMAN” with Machine Made and “Twisted” with Will Sparks, further solidifying his position as a techno titan.

“Goes Like This” emerges as a pure, bass-thumping techno anthem, featuring wobbly pitch-bending lead synths that guide listeners through a sonic exploration. The track kicks off with a brief spoken-word introduction by Hardwell himself, establishing a tone that is both introspective and authoritative. This dialogue sets the stage for a journey through dark and cavernous soundscapes, reminiscent of the sinister tones found in his earlier 2023 releases, such as “ACID” with Maddix.

ShortRound, previously featured on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings label with “Don’t Let Me Go,” injects a fresh and energetic dynamic into the collaboration. His influence is evident in the intricate layers and nuanced sound design, seamlessly complementing Hardwell’s evolving penchant for the ominous.

With its captivating rhythm and innovative sound design, “Goes Like This” is poised to become another mainstage techno staple. Immerse yourself in this thrilling collaboration by taking a listen below.