Emotional Singer Zoe Zobrist Drops Another Heartfelt Single Called “Better”

When it comes to producing emotional and slow-paced songs, it’s either a hit or a miss with most artists, and luckily for us, Zoe Zobrist is definitely one of the hits. An incredible performer, her new single is profound, emotional and as real as it gets, which is called “Better.”

Zoe Zobrist conveys her heartfelt emotions in another soothing track that ‘s full of her authentic lyrics and amazingly composed melodies, which creates an ambiance full of heart-rending emotions and personal nostalgia.

The Texas-native singer has been proving to everyone in the industry that she is indeed one to stay and her work can be compared to the likes of Pink, Daughter and Celine Dion. With already successful singles like “Fire,” “Who You Gonna Be” and “All My Friends Are Dead” that have amassed hundreds of thousands of plays, Zoe Zobrist is set to be the next star in her genre.

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