Exclusive Interview With Woodii, The Artist Behind “In My Sleep”

House sensation Woodii has been keeping himself busy by producing and releasing phenomenal music and his latest single comes with “In My Sleep,” a dark and dreamy track that’s meant for electronic dance music fans worldwide. We’ve had the chance to chat with him about his new release, past experiences and future plans!

Tell us a bit about “In My Sleep.” What is the inspiration behind it and how did the project come to life?

The inspiration behind “In My Sleep” was to create something dark and dreamy feeling, but also accompanying it with a very savage drop. The vocals proceed to say “I felt the heat, but never enough” which then leads into a huge cinematic portion of the song, filled with shrieking ambient background sounds. To me, I envisioned creating a feeling of being in a dark dream. Which personally, I have quite a bit of!

How does it feel to do what you love most?

To me, making music Is more than meets the eye. It gives me a sense of purpose and a future I can be excited about. It’s not your conventional career choice, but that’s one of the reasons that excites me about it. More importantly, it’s given me a strong avenue to connect with people, and that makes me feel alive.

You have dropped several singles this year already! Are you planning to continue this streak of singles, or will you be dropping an album?

I have quite a bit more singles lined up for the rest of the year and an EP! No album is in the works yet but it’s definitely something that will find its way. Also, to note, I have a new alias duo in the works which will give me freedom to explore new sounds and styles. Stay tuned for that!

You have lived in different countries and have been influenced by various cultures. Tell us a bit about that. What is one memorable experience or cultural encounter you have had that you can Share?

Being born and raised in the U.S.A for most of my life, it was an eye-opening experience interacting with so many other cultures. Living in Japan had a huge impact on how I saw the world and how I viewed music. After attending various events, clubs, and festivals there, I started to find a great love for electronic music. I realized that it truly did bring people of all backgrounds together, even when there was a language barrier in the music, it still didn’t matter. I learned electronic music is a universal language and can be shared together worldwide.

Have you always felt special about EDM or is it a genre you had to warm up to over time?

Around 2013 is when I was first exposed to it, though a good friend of mine. One day I remember him asking me if I knew who “Hardwell” was. At the time, I had no idea. He soon became an inspiration of mine and I’m sure for many others too. It’s safe to say, I was hooked pretty quickly!

What is one lesson you have learnt throughout your musical career?

Stay true to yourself! It took some time to really understand what that meant. You don’t need to be anyone other than yourself. Strive to be your true authentic self, as that will always be more than enough.

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