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James Hype and Kim Petras Revive Justin Timberlake’s Classic in “Drums” Collaboration

James Hype and Kim Petras are igniting the fires of nostalgia, diving headfirst into the turn-of-the-century R&B era, and breathing new life into a Justin Timberlake classic.

Their latest creation, “Drums,” is tailor-made for those cathartic nights when the sweat flows down to your very toes, setting dancefloors ablaze. This infectious house track, propelled by a robust bassline, serves as a vessel for Petras’ sultry vocals while cleverly sampling Timberlake’s timeless hit, “Like I Love You,” a track that first graced our ears over two decades ago in 2002.

What makes this moment monumental is James Hype’s transition from being one of the electronic music scene’s most revered DJs to crafting a surefire crossover hit that matches the caliber of his deck-spinning skills. He revealed that the genesis of “Drums” dates back to 2019 when it started as a humble instrumental.

Fast-forward to 2023, I met Kim [Petras] in LA, and we joined forces to create the ‘Drums’ version you’re hearing now,” Hype elucidated in a press release shared exclusively with EDM.com. “We were also incredibly blessed to have Justin Timberlake agree to keep his original vocals, so this record feels incredibly special to me. Who does this?”

Experience the magic of “Drums” by James Hype and Kim Petras here: